Sana is the heritage of the Mani International founder “Hossein Rahmani” who started nuts business 140 years ago in 1877 - Iran.
In those years, the whole idea was to cultivate genuine products from the farms and to get it reached to the consumers. Years after, Hossein thought about the extension to the European Markets rather than the country locals; this time the mission was accomplished and the products were exported to Germany, England and Russia.
In 2009, the next generation of Rahmani family started thinking about Iranian products quality differentiation in food and beverage segment and the values which can be added in order to be better presented to the consumers with the higher quality and larger scale. Then after, the mission was focused on generating of healthy products for the consumption which will care about the health for people and lever up the Iranian life style and the consumer expectations.
In order to supply these sorts of products, there was a strong need to a powerful distribution network.
In first phase, it was decided to generate this network inside the local country and it was resulted to Sana Company to accomplish this mission.
Within three years, Sana has launched 12 branches in main provinces in Iran and is developing its customer coverage and sales by utilizing the trained teams in different available sales channels.
In the next phase, Sana will start covering the ME region by its own exclusive products supplied locally from the high quality and healthy modern packages originally from Iran.
The Sana is part of a plan which RG holding is designed to invest on Iranian agriculture, food & beverages to engage the customers with a different quality which consumers deserve.
Sana Distribution Company® Tel: +98 21 8276 info@sana-dis.com